"The sounds are generated by self-devised electronic equipment set into action by the performance of gestures, by bodily action. Thus, the music is created by individual decisions in real time - just like in Jazz, as Toral emphasizes. So basically, this is electronic music played with a jazz sensibility. Toral brings a performative aspect to electronic music that it often sorely lacked. The initial album "Space" is like a roadmap. It is a point of departure for recordings in the "Space Program". It is accompanied by three "diversified" series: the performance series "Space Studies" (which started in 2004), and the record series "Space Elements" and "Solo Series". The latter are unaccompanied real-time solo recordings on one instrument only (as opposed to "Space Elements", where Toral collaborates with other musicians). The present CD is the first in that series and the second materialisation of the program." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2004| QUECKSILBER | 10.90

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