"Clearly the most insane and radical track written by Raquel De Grimstone, Shapeshifters found its way to the studios of todays most exciting breakcore and electronix producers all over the world to be recut and pieced back together in an astonishing assortment of remixes. This collection, although heavy on the beats and bass all around, doesn't get stuck in any mode of classification - everything from the darkest in breakcore to electro and pure noise attacks are found on this double 12". An unmissable release from Zhark, which includes a full color poster and even acapella samples for the more adventurous DJs." (label info) Remixes by Bong-Ra, Base Force One, The Leyton Breakers, Somatic Responses, Abelcain, Nirvanez, DJ Baseck and Hecate, Doormouse and Fanny.
in stock | DE| 2004| ZHARK INTERNATIONAL | 14.90

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