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"A new album by Razen with four pieces of hardcore melodic minimalism and raw dystopian deep listening. Exclusive artwork by Bryan Lewis Saunders. Endrhymes is a ne recorded 4 pieces in which they explore a new form of Minimalism. The pieces thrive on an almost compulsory focus and improvisation - carefully developed during many concerts. As a trio, Razen erased the acoustic deep listening from their last record to explore a new territory of raw melodic and psychedelic minimalism, which refers to the massive works of Louis Andriessen. The first and last track are raw pulsating improvisations, build out of short melodic motives, creating a slow changing arch of musical tension. The center pieces Sorcerer / Reaper destroys the musical center and drops the listener into a cold, dystopian place, left alone, subject to powers beyond him. Razen leaves with their new album the listener no choice: immerse." (label info) edition of 320 copies, comes with download code
in stock | BE| 2016| K-RAA-K | 19.90

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