"A set of five CDs containing a selection of the most interesting and technically the best recordings of the ensemble active from 1982 till 2010. After the "Barbecue Strut" [LP - 1987] and "Zombie Bloodbath On The Isle Of Dogs" [CD 1991 and 1995], the box contains the first in the considerable time published recordings of the band and is released precisely in the fourth anniversary of the last concert of The Recedents in Cafe OTO. Over 4 hours of never published music recorded on their tours in Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and England. The set of those 5 CDs is accompanied with a 28-page booklet "Electro-acoustic Improvisations 1982-2010" containing: notes of the band's members / reproductions of original posters and artworks / the most interesting surviving photographs / chronology of activity." (label info) Lol Coxhill: soprano saxophone, Casio SK1 keyboard, voice, pre-recorded tapes, Crackle box. Mike Cooper: electric lap steel guitar, amplified acoustic National Resophonic guitar, homemade string instrument, guitar pick-up, electric fan, small metal objects, Kaos Pad, sampler, Casio SK-1, Roland bass synth, Korg drum machine, cassette tape, field recordings, radio, Crackle box. Roger Turner: house or small drumsets, snare drum & Meazzi pedal tom, EMS Synthi-A, radio.
soon in stock - please pre-order | PL| 2015| FREEFORM | 42.90

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