"One of the longest-lived underground rock groups (if not THE longest-lived), the Red Krayola, drops a 2008 re-issue release that features Jim O'Rourke's unique mix of the Red Krayola's Fingerpainting material released in 1999. The album features The Red Krayola line-up of the '90s: David Grubbs, George Hurley, Albert Oehlen, Stephen Prina, Elisa Randazzo, Mayo Thompson, Tom Watson and Sandy Yang. Fingerpointing follows The Krayola's ur-formula, first elaborated in The Parable of Arable Land (1967), designed to immerse and entertain the listener and confound the FM DJ's and anyone else's quest for the perfect segue in a narrative of counter-cultural meaningfulness. The freak outs are not 'authored' in the usual sense. All of the music was recorded at Treehouse Studio in Pasadena, CA at the same time as the recording of Fingerpainting." (label info)
in stock | US| 2008| m-/m-| DRAG CITY | 8.00

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