"It's been 20 years since I got into Electronic music. So to commemorate I started listening to some of my very favorite old tracks like Genlog - Mockmoon and Om - Are You Experienced and realized that they were using a lot of digital synths along with the normal analog stuff. So, I did a ton of research (hours upon hours) as to what was used back then in 1992 to make tracks. I then got some really cheap digital synths off of the bay and proceeded to try and make some stuff with a 1992 vibe. The following tape is the fruits of that labor and was recorded this summer 2012 in Nashville, TN, USA. The styles run the gamut of what I was listening to way back then consisting of Acid Techno, Detroit Techno, Acid Trance, Hard Trance, and Ambient." (Lance Dibblee) limited edition of 80 copies, with download code
in stock | DE| 2012| ALARM | 7.90

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