"Rob Sparx and John Maveric are back on Z Audio, this time backed up by the man of the moment Propa Tingz on remix duties. The original of "Windscreen Sniper" was an absolute monster of a release back late 2009! The VIP mix from Rob and John is zopped up to the max and sounds really different from the original mix. It's more futuristic and has all those crazy basslines that sound like the synths are being sick and strangled at the same time to come out with some very abnormal sounds. Then we have the remix and I have to say that the Proper Tingz remix is astonishing. He has managed to almost create his own genre within a genre and it sounds fresh, very fresh indeedy! It's that Proper Tingz sound that I for one am loving at the moment. I would describe it as old skool, US, Drum and bass, amen Dubstep!" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| Z AUDIO | 8.50

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