"This LP covers the works of Rob Van Wijngaarden with one Side covering his solo-works as Rob Van and one side with his band-projects Mental, Heavy Mental which he released on his own Tape-Label called Mental Cassettes. In addition Side B also contains a collaboration-tracks with Ruud Kluivers. Side A is covering the Tape he released on the famous Ptose Label PPP (Ptose Production Presente) in 1981. Side B captivates the highlights of the short lived career of Heavy Mental and Mental. Back in the early 80's many musicians all over the world traded their tapes through a lively network. Most of these connections started through the Throbbing Gristle's IR-newsletter that published snail-mail addresses of musicians they found interesting. Rob was part of this scene. At first he made one-offs (whatever he recorded that day was sent to the person who wrote him that day). One of these extremely rare tapes was found by VOD and is now part of this album. Later the tapes were given a cover and a catalogue number, but still they were never really sold, only traded with other musicians around the world. One of those Tape-Traders was Ruud Kluivers who sent Heavy Mental their only fan-letter when he heard the Plurex EP. He wrote that he had an MS-20 too and that he would like to jam. Ruud took the tapes home and later released them on his own nameless cassette label. One of these collaboration-works between Rob & Ruud is also included on this nice Rob Van Wijngaarden-early-work-Retrospective." (label info) edition of 200 copies
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2015| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 16.90

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