"Text, music and direction by Robert Ashley. Singers: Sam Ashley and Jacqueline Humbert. Background Voices: Robert Ashley, Sam Ashley, Thomas Buckner, Marghreta Cordero, Jacqueline Humbert, Joan LaBarbara, Amy X Neuburg. Synthesized orchestra parts: Sam Ashley. MIDI driven orchestra parts: Robert Ashley and Tom Hamilton. Editing, processing, and mixing: Sam Ashley. Voice recording: Gustavo Matamoros. Background voice recording: Tom Hamilton. Produced by Sam Ashley. 'foreign experiences' was commissioned by Performing Artservices, Inc. (1993) with funds from the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust. The opera was premiered by the Robert Ashley Ensemble at the Festival d'Avignon in 1994. This realization is a duet version by Sam Ashley and Jacqueline Humbert. The pre-recorded voices of the Ashley ensemble are the background chorus. Robert Ashley's NOW ELEANOR'S IDEA is a quartet of short operas based on the notion of a sequence of events seen from four, different points of view. The story, as Robert Ashley tells it : 'Don Jr. has come to California with his family -- Linda and Jr. Jr. -- and his friend, N, to take a job at a small college. They have moved from the Midwest of fractured identities to the world of no identities. California is the end of the Earth. That feeling is passed on from generation to generation without anyone recognizing that it is part of them. And it is passed on to the most recent arrivals. Even today in the precious palaces of Malibu, in the vast developments between Los Angeles and San Diego, in the spreading domestic comfort of the San Francisco Bay area it's there. It poisons our movies and TV shows. It generates the most violent and interesting mystery novels. Even now jet travel doesn't cure it. It comes down on you hard when you get off the plane and step outside the terminal. It drives some people mad.' 1. 'The Flying Serpent'. 2. 'The Jaguar'. 3. 'The Coyote'. 4. 'Eagle Tearing Hearts Out of Chests'. Slipcase contains 1-CD in jewel box with 96-page libretto booklet." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2006| LOVELY MUSIC | 22.90

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