""When Snakeboy is Dying" is the first album of Robert Piotrowicz, in which he deploys a broad spectrum of instruments. Most of his previous published compositions were committed to creating a multilayered electronic sculpture built with analogue modular synthesizer. By performing on all instruments by himself and using a variety of composing methods, Piotrowicz created an album which strikes with internal integrity and organic complexity whilst leaving the recipient with an impression of listening to an ensemble. In the sense of tonal reduction and assigned function of certain instruments, the score recalls the spirit of minimalism, however the density and dynamic of the narration remains in vivid contrast to such associations. The strength of Piotrowicz's work reveals itself in the complexity of events as well as the plethora of colours and the mobility of architecture in the overall sound picture." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | PL| 2013| MUSICA GENERA | 19.90

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