"Re-issue of the album originally released in 1987 by German electronic and Krautrock pioneer Roedelius. With characteristically exuberant inventiveness, Roedelius tickles the ivories lightheartedly, or, entering into more pensive mood, seems to caress the keys. With saxophonist Alexander Czjzek duetting on some of the pieces, Roedelius shuffles a pack of disciplined compositions and carefree improvisations. In this respect, 'Momenti Felici' most closely resembles 'Jardin au fou'_. On closer listening, however, the length in time between the two albums can be discerned. Roedelius honed both his compositional and, more than anything, his playing skills in the lengthy period inbetween." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2011| BUREAU B | 18.90

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