'Silberen' (2000): for piano and string quartet; 'Lichtweiss' (1996): for solo vibraphone; The Arditti Quartet: Hildegard Kleeb, piano; Bernd Thurner, vibraphone. "As a composer, Dahinden is influenced by John Cage, Morton Feldman and Alvin Lucier. His works are often influenced by works of art. Built in as movements, every time in a different instrumental combination, 'silberens' tonal material is highlighted from a different side, as if one were walking, in a circle, around a sculpture. The piano, setting its tones with the echo of the open pedal; and the quartet, which is able to modulate its sounds, creates an interior to the wide sound space of the piano. This is quiet music that is full of subtle changes." (alebl info)
in stock | US| 2004| vg++/m-| MODE | 10.00

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