"Music genres come, go, and come back again. It would be an understatement to say that breakcore hasn't been very seen a healthy influx of newcomers in true recent years. While the pillars of this scene (Enduser, Bong-Ra, Venetian Snares, The Teknoist, Rotator and a small handful of others), this free-form, electronic punk has hit the bottom of the wave, only to be reborn. Spearheading this renewal is, as usual with breakcore, a surprising act, hailing from France and named after a jazz tune. Ruby My Dear, which some should have heard recently on Whourkr's "4247 Snare Drums" album, offers with his début album a work which might kick breakcore to life again, and shows that you can do it with style and soul. With a few digital releases pushed by the purveyors of good taste and heavy breaks that are Acroplane and Peace Off, Ruby My Dear has made a name for himself for his intricate beat-works and sense for emotional-but-not-cheesy melodies, always resulting in humane but playful, hard but deep tracks." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2012| AD NOISEAM | 13.90

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