"For his new studio album Russell Haswell tackles the complex world of analoguie modular synthesis, alongside his regular live kit of electronics and pedals, or computer. At the same time as recording, the artist also monitored his material visually with a X-Y oscilloscope, revealing the movement of the stereo signal and phase correlation. (try it for yourself). However, this is no hispter noodling, but a long play album crammed full of tracks that explode hard. Brutal acid lines fight for room against insane noise-scapes and face melting electronics, sever dynamics, brainfloss, collision-edits, oscillograhic pervery, as well as a smattering of genuine dark metallic oddness and grimey immersive voids! ACID nO!se Synthesis could be your most fulfilling multi-sensory experience from a piece of plastic this year. Comes with a 16 pp booklet with text and 15 vector oscillograms. Improvisation on either modular synthesiser, computer or electronics and pedals. Recorded and simultaneously monitored on stereo/phase scope (visual) and speakers or headphones (auditory). For multi-sensory experience (seeing sound, in this case, Lissajous patterns), connect a stereo/ phase scope (Oscilloscope X-Y view or software equivalent) to your audio player..." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | AT| 2011| EDITIONS MEGO | 15.90

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