and STALE LIAVIK SOLBERG "John Russell, Steve Beresford and John Edwards have been a part of the free improvisation scene in England and Europe for several decades, and have played together in many different circumstances during this time. Stale Liavik Solberg is an active free improviser in Norway and is, among other things, a director of the extensive concert series Blow Out! in Oslo. The music on "Will it Float" can best be described as classic British improvisation with an electro-acoustic twist. It is a major element that runs throughout the recording, creating a soundscape that is both challenging and engaging. The improvisations are freely made, without preparation, and are characterized by an extreme joy in playing and a desire to take chances while maintaining a firm focus on the group's identity. Fred Lonberg-Holm got the task of mixing and mastering the album and Kjetil Tangen made the great cover art. Released on a heavy black vinyl limited to 300 copies." (label info) John Russell, guitar; Steve Beresford, objects and electronics; John Edwards, double bass; Stale Liavik Solberg, drums & percussion
soon in stock - please pre-order | NO| 2015| VA FONGOOL | 25.90

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