"Vagabond American legend CARLOS GONZALEZ drops his first NNF full-length, and it's 10 of his greatest junkyard surf-slime tunes of all time. Edition of 500. The Tsarlag Saga (Tsaga?) is a long and blinding road, slime-walking through the tape spools and haunted hallways of countless shuttered scum-punk houses and retired low-rent record labels. And yet, like The Crystal Ball which he memorialized in song and video, Carlos Gonzalez's uniquely encrusted gutter-surf pop rocks continue to ride tonight, hitching into the Great American Nothingness, too true to live, too weird to die. So, after years of dedicated fanship, it is with ecstatic honor we present the latest opus in the Russian Tsarlag canon of trash classics, Midnight At Mary's House. In addition to the tried/true detuned tube-amp guitar chop, hobo drum machines, growling sounds, pointillist toy keyboards, and cassette mold, Gonzalez has brought a freshly faded vocal delivery to the equation that's miraculously reminiscent of "Something In The Way"-style Kurdt (wtf?)." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| m-/m-| NOT NOT FUN | 10.00

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