"Anyone with even the most fleeting interest in electronic music knows Rustie. His 2007 debut 'Jagz The Smack' on Stuffrecords marked the beginning of a new musical movement and went down as one of the most unique debut 12"s of our time. Now he's back in effect and badder than ever, with a new Wireblock EP brimming with bold new moves and packing a serious punch. Continuing to wield his twisted sabre with single-minded determination, Rustie's sound is now sharply defined, yet more unhinged than ever. Amazingly enough for an artist who has had such a huge impact over the last year, this is only Rustie's second full EP." (label info) 5-track EP incl. Heinrich Mueller Remix
in stock | UK| 2009| m-| WIREBLOCK | 8.00

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