"Let's get one thing straight... this lp does not need you to like it. It doesn't invite you to seek out influences, slap a decade's logo on the matrix, search for its creators in fashion catalogue styled covers of glossy magazines... nor will it spawn a host of celebrated side projects culminating in a curatorial seat on a summer festival (tho' maybe it should, that last one...). Like a true psychedelic experience, one that if you've ever had, you'll know what we mean, it presents you with a fixed length window that opens into another possible perspective of our lumbering existence. Imagine 500 milligrams administered via an eye dropper filled with mercury and you're on your way... Born of a correspondence between two fellows entrenched in parallel explorations of the unknowable and imagined, there's a mystery to the source of the sounds contained in these grooves; a mystery that reaches the top of chain, as the players involved have never met, did not discuss individual process, nor the direction of their collaborative endeavors. There is not even a record of the machines used to create this shadowy sci-fi landscape. What the listener is presented with is music that reverberates like synthetic sound made into organic instruments imitating synthetic sound. It is a fantasy world that feels a little bit too much like a version of reality with dark bags under its eyes and strange stains on its clothing. It's the music you hear after the anesthesia drip gets turned on, right before you succumb to that infernal waking sleep." (Jason Meagher) Edition of 300 in jackets silk screened by Phil Franklin and Christine Shields at Bright Spot Ink. Safiyya is Brad Rose (Charlatan/The North Sea) and Pat Murano (NNCK/Decimus).
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2012| KELLIPAH RECORDS | 20.90

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