"Any new recording by Eric Malmberg and his unique group Sagor & Swing is cause for celebration. If I had a radio show, I'd be cueing up "Landet bortom landet Bortom" this very instant, and just waiting for the phone lines to light up. I might play it five times in a row. I was first drawn to Sagor & Swing by swirling modal melodies that make the Hammond organ sound like the earliest of musical instruments. On "Botvid Grenlunds park", Eric's Hammond gets wrapped up in spirited dialogues with its infinitely more bouncy, bubbly colleague the synthesizer, all in a mirror unexpectedly brightly. I still hear the solemn beauty of previous Sagor & Swing, but something else is beginning to boil." (David Grubbs) with download code. limited edition of 500 copies
in stock | SE| 2013| HÄPNA | 18.90

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