"...'protest music about arabophobia in a Post 9-11 World'. Musically, Osama takes quite a leap from the territories occupied by Shalabi's last solo outing, Hashish, comprised of field recordings, tape music and improv sewn together to fantastic results. Osama features contributions from over thirty Montreal musicians and takes a straight-ahead hard rock, psyche and pop approach, but still utilizes many improv and experimental techniques. The recording's closing and golden moment is the incredibly beautiful seventeen minute epic, 'Guantanamo Bay', which begins with an eerie similarity to Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips. Once again the blissful pop elements fade and dissolve into layers of sound. This track builds into an incredible crescendo driven by static, brushes, crackles, noise and the distant sound of muffled epic soundtrack music." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2003| ALIEN8 | 14.80

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