"Next up on Deep Distance comes the second full length from Wisconsin based Beau Devereaux and his Samantha Glass project. Previous releases on Digitalis, Golden Cloud and the initial cassette release to "Midnight Arrival" here (on Not Not Fun) caught our attention and the wax version to "MA" is extended by 2 bonus cuts - creating Samantha Glass' first UK release in the process. 10 primarily synth based pieces backed by looped drum machine, waves of distorted guitar / bass drone / atmospherics and hazy lo-fi vocal washes- create a wonderful brew which in equal measure tips its cap towards Schulze / Tangerine Dream territory yet equally brings to mind that feeling of discovering a long lost / overlooked stack of small run, private press, post punk / DIY minimal synth 45s - where one unmistakeable guiding hand experiments over a number of styles. Either way it works and the sensation of "could be Sheffield circa 78/79 or Cologne 72/73" makes for more than a satisfying listen over the course of a full length." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2013| DEEP DISTANCE | 16.90

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