"Senseless unleash a mucky double headed beast from Leeds, uniting the talents of Sasquatch and label head Sarantis in a grimy clash of body scanning subs and rudeboy halfstep swagger. Sasquatch throws the first smack to the chops with 'Doll's Eyes,' hitting hard and gritty with a grimacing sub-bassline, leaden drop-kick-drums and acid-eaten moodiness, nailing it generically in the midst of the new school of heavy halfstep producers like Crooked One, Mathhead or a more pissed-off Shots. Pure ruckus tackle all the way. On the flip, Sarantis dips a shoulder under a taut halfsteppers framework on 'Badman Dub' with a dynamic display of densely layered sub-bass scientifics to cause some serious wobbling air disturbance on any system up to the task - chest-plate warning!" (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| SENSELESS RECORDS | 7.90

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