"EXPONATE is a new concept series curated by Wolfgang Voigt with the intention to bring together artists from diverse experimental music backgrounds. To open up new musical spaces and to sound out the increasingly liquified confines between abstract ambient music and art music, between electronica and new music - that's the stated goal of EXPONATE. The new series starts with Berlin-based artist SCHNEIDER TM aka Dirk Dresselhaus, who is well-known for most diverse projects and collaborations across genres since the 1990s. The work at hand MOBILEE is comprised of 5 tracks with differing lengths, structures and frequency ranges that keep on shifting against each other, creating a generative system in the process. MOBILEE was originally conceived for a sound installation in the context of the "Doofe Musik" Festival 2014 at HKW, Berlin, and is constituted of 5 abstracted treatments of one and the same source material. The lengths of the 5 versions vary between approx. 3 and 63 minutes, and cover different frequencies, from lows to highs that are both on the brink of the audible kHz range. EXPONATE releases as a limited, handcrafted CD series." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| EXPONATE | 16.90

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