"September Collective's new album 'Always Breathing Monster' [mosz021] is their second release on mosz. The basic idea was to work with midified church organ sounds. At Johannes church, a big protestant church located in the center of Dusseldorf they had the possibility to work the huge organ and the resonance of the sanctuary. The musicians fed the organ with the prepared MIDI-arrangements and recorded the new midified organ sounds with microphones set up inside the church. The open compositions that found their way onto the album are fragments, sketches of subtlety which let the impression of the organ's vastness evoke - defragmented somehow, but also playful in some other moments. The different styles of Morgenstern, Schneider and Wirkus merge to an organic whole maintaining the individual characteristics of the three of them." (label info)
in stock | AT| 2009| MOSZ | 16.90

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