"After a mere 17 wilderness years, SHOCK - the confounding "noise / free jazz / what the?" label run throughout the 90's by ex-SKULLFLOWER/WHITEHOUSE/ASCENSION man Stefan Jaworzyn - is back with a new series of limited 12"s. The first being a 30 minute introduction to the new world of SHOCK, the results of taking away an aging lunatic's guitars and locking him in a room full of electronic equipment. A jarring departure from the SHOCK of old perhaps, though some may spot similarities in approach via the relentless pursuit of an aggressive anti-aesthetic - but now, as SAVAGE PENCIL pointed out, "you could dance to it!". Observing lessons in repetition from Brion Gysin's calligraphic paintings to Cabaret Voltaire's Three Mantras to '90s minimal techno, and with an incredible cut by Noel Summerville that picks up every detail of the mostly analogue synth manipulations, EP 1 is guaranteed to upset anyone hoping for "free jazz", improv or whatever it was they thought the label represented. EPs 2 + 3 will follow shortly, further outlining and defining the new mission." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2013| SHOCK | 12.90

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