"A couple singles, a couple EPs in the first several years of life. One was a cassette EP - back in 2006, that seemed a bit out, you know? So who knows who knew about them then. It sort of established an up-around-the-curve vibe to Sic Alps - and now they're boomeranging back, letting the curve remain unbroken. Anyway, as time has piled on, Sic Alps have gotten around, from town to town and such - like maybe five tours of Europe and certainly more rings around America than that - but again, under the radar whenever possible. You don't want to draw too much heat. Once you're on the radar, how do you get off? Then there's the Bush thing. They had their debut in the second term of Bush the son's regime - a period that's left everyone with some fairly smeary recollections. You can't really choose the time you were born, though, so ultimately we don't blame Sic Alps for the way anyone recognizes them. The facts, such as there are: Sic Alps will be the fifth album from Sic Alps, if you include the compilation album A Long Way Around to a Shortcut, which we do, because it's on Drag City, who wrote this. There've been a number of singles and some splits and who knows, we may be looking at a second way around to a shortcut someday soon. First though, we deal with the cracking and recasting of the mold that comes when you start to hear the sounds of Sic Alps." (label info)
in stock | US| 2012| DRAG CITY | 10.00

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