special offer! "My Cat hates this music. He ran under the bed when I put it on. My cat is an idiot. He doesn't know anything. I tried to make him appreciate the nuances of this cranky, situationist piece of music, the album as a thudding detournement of negation politics and absurdist subversion; the intricacies of SIGHTINGS' repetitive, rumbling drone; or the tapestry of skittery elastic percussion woven by HRVATSKI; the resolute denial of any set of society's confines that the record achieves; but he just looked at me, rolled on to his back and said innocently, "Mrrrow?" What a pussy. "I thought you were punk", I sneered. This is the language of Greil Marcus' negation, or as he would say "a breach in the pop milieu; in the screen of cultural assumptions governing what one expected to hear and how one expected to respond". This is why this record is another piece of the puzzle in the DIV/ORCE SERIES." (label info)
in stock | CA| 2005| ACHE RECORDS | 1.50

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