"Silverstar Amoeba was simply the slimming down of The Death and Beauty Foundation to a permanent duo comprising of Val Denham and Oli Novadnieks. The first recordings were tentatively executed at Talbot Road, Seven Sisters, London in Oli's basement flat on an old reel to reel tape machine that could only record two tracks. Oli Novadnieks was the guitar player and Val Denham again provided the vocals, lyrics, harmonica, keyboards and tape loops etc. These obscure recordings can be heard now for the first time, Silverstar Amoeba were helped along by various friends such as Danny Loker on bass, Gerry Hobday on guitar, Plume on saxophone and Elita Denham, Val's wife at that time, on percussion. Some of these tracks are Val Denham's completely solo recordings made on a Fostex X.15 four track cassette recorder. Many of the lyrics were composed spontaneously whilst recording. The track, Ophelia, is taken from The Hammersmith Palais rehearsal tape for the Fabulous Feast of Flowering Light, which was a daylong event at The Hammersmith Palais, London, 19th May 1985. On this occasion The Death & Beauty Foundation performed as a trio, Val Denham on vocals and harmonica, Oli Novadnieks on guitar and Plume on saxophone and percussion. They also used a pre-recorded backing tape for this event." (label info)
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