"I Am The Man is California-based Simone White's debut full-length release for Honest Jon's. These 13 heart-stopping tracks of soulful folk loveliness were recorded in Nashville with the team behind numerous Lambchop/Calexico/Will Oldham/Silver Jews classics. White was born in Hawaii and raised in a commune where they listened only to classical music and didn't have a TV. She first started playing the guitar at 22, influenced by Sonic Youth and The Pixies. It took several years and multiple moves ­ Seattle, Paris, London, New York ­ before White began playing and singing in what she describes as her true voice, also inspired by Low and Bonnie Prince Billy's Master And Everyone, produced by Mark Nevers, who would go on to record her The American War EP for Honest Jon's. White is resistant to making comparisons to her sound: she's much happier talking about her influences, which have moved from Sonic Youth to Nina Simone, Cesaria Evora and Odetta. Leading off with Carole King's "I Didn't Have Any Summer Romance," I Am The Man takes in an enormously broad range of subjects and moods ­ from a surrealist flight of fancy like "Why Is Your Raincoat Always Crying?" to the stricken intimacy of "Sweetest Love Song" to the clear-eyed and full-voiced protest of "The American War." Politics, humor, love, despair and good tunes, Simone White has it all." (label info)
in stock | 2007| HONEST JON'S RECORDS | 15.90

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