"Skream returns with his second 12" and it's a further exhibition of his freakish musical ability. Having been working on a number of projects this last year he's managed to squeeze time into his hectic schedule to make two remarkable tracks for Nonplus. "Exothermic Reaction" has been doing the rounds on the DJ circuit for well over a year and has been patiently awaited by fans since its first airing on Rinse FM. Skream takes us deep into haunting graveyard territory with ghoulish effects and off beat creepy bass lines that send shivers down your spine. Snares crack like whips around your head whilst the lfo mid range stays well under control in a spellbinding and palpitating groove that subtly keeps the track evolving. "Future Funkizm" completely flips the script into the kind of one off track that comes out of Skreams mind every now and again and completely grabs you with its musical madness. Rolling beats coupled with a robo tone bassline set the scene for a synth masterclass that expands and contracts across the keys into a g-funk laden glimpse of the future." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| NON PLUS | 9.50

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