"Skream has always reserved his deadliest club material for the Skreamizm series of EPs. Ever since its first edition in 2006, each volume has offered a further snapshot of a producer constantly in flux. But they've always remained distinct from any other projects he's working on, dictated both by the needs of a club crowd and Skream's own vision of the genre he helped to establish. Skreamizm Volume 6, the first addition to the series since 2009, proves no exception. His attention might have been divided between exploring a range of styles on last year's Outside The Box album, writing huge pop tracks as part of Magnetic Man, putting out subtler, funk-infused music on Nonplus+ and DJ'ing around the globe. But all seven tracks here stay locked, hard, to the demands of the dancefloor. Broader in its sonic range than any other Skreamizm so far, the range of sounds within this sixth volume in the series reflects dubstep's growing status over the last couple of years." (label info
in stock | UK| 2011| TEMPA | 21.90

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