"Above the Law is a 1988 action film directed by Andrew Zachariah Davis, probably best-known for being the film debut of Steven Seagal. This tribute album features the full Sky Juice rock band lineup of S.J. Jackson, S.J. Jones, Stoney Freeman, & Zac Davis and was recorded between 2004 and 2008 in various Ohio/Michigan/Massachusetts basements. Except for 'Electric Engram,' which is excerpted from an infamous/aborted live radio broadcast on Chicago's legendary dance station WGCI. Song titles: 'Asleep For Daze,' 'Fractality,' 'Slimescape' (for James Ferraro), 'Prostration,' 'Pressure Cook,' 'Plan Of Attack' (for Elisa Ambroglio), 'Recent Fog,' 'Pushcart,' 'Empty Grave,' 'Womb Blizzard,' 'Stable Current,' 'Laid Out,' 'Wall Of Mice,' 'Suction Vent,' 'Scrape Grate,' 'Electric Engram,' 'Brain Wash.' Limited pressing of 375 copies, paste-on covers, xeroxed collage insert." (label info)
in stock | US| 2009| OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE | 10.00

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