"2 track 12" with etched side, "Fizzy is a studio recording and was recorded in the summer of 2012 , 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) was recorded live at the German club Skalitzer Berlin August 24th 2013 featuring John Paul who does the introduction to the song. Anton Newcombe met the band online and as a fan of the band wanted to release a single on his label , 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) is an exclusive version of this track to this release, Fizzy can be found on the album Austerity Dogs released 2013 on Harbinger Sound. Jason says 'Fizzy' was "inspired by the many thousands of psychopathic managers and supervisors that terrorise low paid workers throughout the world on a daily basis. I've modelled this song on one cunt in particular but it is by no means an isolated experience." As for 'Urine Mate' (welcome to the club) Jason comments describes in detail Nottingham's Mansfield Road. A haven for the actual results of modern England. Destitute, full of characters and betting shop drug traders." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2014| A RECORDINGS | 14.90

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