SND - TPLAY, 1:5 (2LP)

"Mark Fell and Mat Steel formed SND in 1998. Tplay was their first self-released EP, produced in a limited run and housed in a sleeve adorned with nothing but a stamped phone number on the back. SND's palette and minimalist aesthetic more or less fell inline with the emergent school of producers that would eventually find themselves as labelmates on the Mille Plateaux label and the monolithic Raster Noton - but as opposed to the overly-academic approach, it's easy to identify how SND managed to re-code UK Garage and Two-Step within a new minimalist paradigm. Now their first EP is back on vinyl." (label info) extended 70 minutes reissue, including 30 minutes of previously unheard recordings
in stock | UK| 2014| SND | 24.90

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