"Botanica Del Jibaro, tdeep production duties across the seven tracks are shared equally between Shift, fresh from his integral role in the hugely acclaimed Downtown Loop album from Climber, long term Botanica inmates Plex and Cyne production genius Speck, alongside new recruit Wooly Mammoth. "Camp-Pain" delivers with stinging lyrics and dopest rhythm - present here in stunning vocal and instrumental versions, and what a tune - for this listener the highlight of the EP. Plex's instrumental remix here wades in with endlessly widescreen cinematics and a healthy dose of the bump - should wreck sh*t up in no uncertain terms. Shift runs down the memphis horns for Solo-man's collaboration with Serum on Poisonous Paragraphs, "Understand" should almost be the watch word for this hugely impressive debut." (label info)
in stock | US| 2005| BOTANICA DEL JIBARO | 8.50

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