"Somatic Responses come back to Ad Noiseam with an album in which they re-invent their sound and finally put on record their taste for fresh and warmer sounds. Bridging their talented production with dubstep and rethinking their music, the Healy brothers have slowed things down, added more weight to their tracks, and are ready to out-bass pretty much everybody else. Reformation, renewal and re-establishment indeed! From the title track to the closing "Who's Stoppin Ya Killer", "Reformation" is not only the fruit of breakcore musicians gone dubstep, but a lot more a display of how this new music genre can benefit from their experience and taste for hardedged, raw productions. In this sense, this album is an accurate meeting point of influences, and something from which many could learn." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2009| AD NOISEAM | 13.90

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