"First time reissue of the third & fourth (unreleased) Sonorhc's album from 1984 & 1985. So, here is finally reissued and for the first time after thirty years (yeah!) two sounds library records. Title name for each will transport you immediately in the right place: don't need to move, the space shuttle travel for you! With 32 tracks in total and with the adequate instrumentation for both albums: Portes d'Orient is a stunning meditative ethnic musical trip for guitars, bass, drum, percussions, moog, duduk, flute, guembri, arghoul, woodblock, hurdy gurdy. Overall it reminds the famous Agitation Free first album Malesch without the rock side but adding the spiritual side of Peter Michael Hamel works. Portes d'Orient is a very scarce album nowadays and almost impossible to find now in original vinyl LP. Amazonia use more synths but also many others ethnics instruments making this one a relaxing and melodic album in a reverie jungle mood. Jean-Francois Gael done three trips in the Wayanas tribe in Amazonia and he also worked at that time for the french serie TV Carnets de l'Aventure and then brings together all his amazonia themes for this album. The patterns are diverses and united, going from Bernard Parmegiani's electroacoustic side to Francis Bebey's psychedelic sanza, Jorge Reyes's ambiant ritual or Steve Roach's tribal works. Two hidden lost gems made in France finally dig up!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | FR| 2015| FRACTAL | 17.90

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