"Back from the ranks of the deleted are these seminal punk recordings from mid-80s Louisville. At the time all the kids involved in this rock project were all just teens, with the oldest being no more than eighteen. Their furious post-hardcore style were first heard outside of town in early 1985, when the self-titled EP dropped on the notorious Dutch East India label. Like most punkers past and present, Squirrel Bait had hard-rock aspirations, as represented by titles like "Hammering So Hard" and "Sun God"- and by the late summer of 1986, their carefully groomed arrangement of guitars, drums and bass were poofed out to sound even huger than huge on their swansong album SKAG HEAVEN. Teenagers through and through, Squirrel Bait wrote songs in the negative, making an expression through the refusal of the rules they perceived in the songs around them. As it was, the adolescent transience that made their approach to rock so gratifying fated them to disagree, to go their separate and bitter ways, to die young. The boys in the band went on to form greater and lesser-sung bands: Bastro, Evergeen, Big Wheel, Love Jones, Gastr del Sol and Slint among them. For the brief time that they pulled together, we have these marvellously odd and stupefyingly powerful mid-80s punk records now back in print on vinyl." (label info) originally released on Homestead in 1986
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2013| DRAG CITY | 20.90

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