"Duo John Olson and Nate Young, names commonly associated with the underworld regimes electronic noise kings Wolf Eyes, are runaways, yet their direction toward the primitive and battered blues has been somewhat inevitable. At first, it appears accidental that the same players who have produced countless screeching aural onslaughts are creating the subtly sensitive and focused meanderings of fleshy and intricate scales. On second thought, Olson and Young love to push the envelope, as well as themselves, and Lose Today shows traces of their ever-present and contorting thumbprint: raw elegance. Though perhaps the mere consideration of the majestic noise kings performing by note seems both perplexing and cumbersome, think again. Their methods are cunning and their outpour is monstrously elegiac. Lose Today wields the ethereal meditative power leftover from The Velvet Undergrounds Sweet Sister Ray epic bootleg. The result: a melodious somnolent grievance that leaves the listener to feast on a curiously endless and internal banquet. Young snarls and writhes in irritated spiraling pronouncements that trail off in regretful, pained fashion, producing the same eventual something-isn't-right that The Velvet Underground secured, but set aside to allow the Michigan basement bluesmen to borrow." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | US| 2011| DESTIJL | 19.90

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