"Blessed with skills for musical arrangement that film score composers would be red faced with jealousy about, and a knack of knowing how to make impressively musical, bass-heavy music that works in a club and on the headphones, Starkey's back with his second album for Planet Mu, Ear Drums And Black Holes which takes an incredibly open-ended vision of dubstep and runs with it. Known as something of a genre cross-pollinator, he's released DJ mixes and tracks on his own Seclusiasis label under the ad-hoc genre title 'Street Bass'. While that description effortlessly covers some of the tracks here, this album only starts from that point, offering up to a whole dimension of new possibilities. Check Anneka's delightful pop of 'Stars' or 'New Cities' featuring Japanese vocalist Kiki Hitomi which sounds like Yellow Magic Orchestra fast forwarded into the contemporary world and Starkey's own gorgeous vocodered journey into the cosmos 'Alienstyles'. But all these tracks would be nothing if they didn't hang together beautifully with some of the most epic robo-funk you're likely to hear, from the melodic to the monstrous, these pieces are almost prog-like in their approach to dubstep, wide screen and weightless, until that bass drops." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2010| PLANET MU | 17.90

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