"The new approach to her songwriting and production sees the 40-year-old Steffi being as on point as ever. Power Of Anonymity features laid-back, melodic cuts like "Pip", "Fine Friend" and the break-heavy title track next to more straightforward, hypnotic dance floor pieces such as "Selfhood", "Bag Of Crystals", "JBW25" and "Bang For Your Buck". Besides her solo instrumental productions, Steffi's collaboration with longtime friends Dexter and Virginia on the uplifting, percussion- driven vocal track "Treasure Seeking" is the icing on the cake. Just like "Power Of Anonymity" as a single piece of music, the album itself lives on an industrial-resonating structure of 808s, crisp synth stabs, pulsing staccati and dark, percussive drumbeats. With her second album Steffi recalls classic, landmark Detroit Electro, while creating her very own modern, retro-futuristic sound." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2014| OSTGUT | 14.90

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