"Small songs for Kack Jirby began in 2014, when i stopped performing with the tools I had used since 1993 (pedals, contact mics, cassettes, etc.). As I was trying to find a way to some 'new' tools, various friends had suggested I work with a modular synthesizer. At the time, I didn't know anything about the modular, but it offered me the thing I wanted - something I didn't understand, and to begin again as a musical child. Instead of working for several years to master the instrument I simply tried to work with the materials, while trying to make something that had the 'feel' of my work. The recordings on small songs for kack jirby come from the very first months when myself and the machine tried very hard to become friends - and it seemed that after years of working in a specific mode, these first steps with a new instrument along with a new sound pallette should be documented, and so, these little pieces are the beginning of a new phase of my work. (Also, the name 'Kack Jirby' is a play on the name of my favorite childhood comic book artist - Jack Kirby)." (S.Roden) limited edition of 350 copies, gatefold sleeve with inserts
in stock | FR| 2016| PALPA VOCE | 29.90

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