"Side 1 of the LP comprises full length versions of the the first two Storm Bugs singles; namely the 5 track Table Matters EP (1980) and the Metamorphose single (1981). Whilst tracks from these singles have appeared on compilations before, this is the first time they are being presented in their entirety. This means the first re-issue of the spoof industrial rockabilly track 'Tin' and the vocal version of 'Make Customer Matter.' The tracks have been digitally re-mastered from virgin un-played copies of the two discs. While side 1 displays Storm Bugs' now infamous post-punk DIY sound with much use of scratched vinyl, disemboweled radios and home made electronics, side 2 of the LP contains tracks made exclusively with the unique British synthesizer, the VCS3. The VCS3 has a matrix pin patch bay in which any module can be connected to any other module, resulting in complex feedback loops and unexpected modulations. The VCS3 tracks which include 'Hodge,' 'Slip Slap' and 'Hiemal (And She Blew)' are all taken from original Snatch Tapes cassette releases. This is the first time most have appeared on vinyl, and of course this means the gorgeous heavyweight VOD vinyl we have come to know and love." Numbered edition of 600. (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2007| VINYL-ON-DEMAND | 16.90

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