"Strategy is on a roll and Dreck is very pleased to release a follow-up EP to his fantastic 'Future Rock' album, which came out earlier this year on Kranky to much critical acclaim. Strategy continues to blend different genres and influences, creating very organic and unique sounding tracks that meander between dub, house and techno culminating in analogue warmth and love. 'Pacific Agenda' on the A-side kicks off with Profan-like offbeat stabs only then to surprise with lovely Rhodes keys and hand-played percussion. The flip side's 'Julydub' is a dubby house track drenched in spring reverb and carried by an incredibly deep bassline. Strategy is Portland based Paul Dickow, who's been making a name for himself as a producer, DJ and curator of Community Library, a record label he runs with David Chandler (aka Solenoid) which releases music varying from house to noise. Paul has recorded for various labels including ORAC and Kranky, he has also remixed tracks for DFA and Tigerbeat6 to name just a few." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2006| DRECK | 5.00

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