""Minenhund" is the latest work from Switzerland's Christoph Hess aka Strotter Inc. Music created through the use of old, modified Lenco turntables, modified and manipulated in countless ways. But it has more in common with the anti-electronica of Pan Sonic or the early minimalism of Steve Reich than to other experimental turntablists like Philip Jeck or Christian Marclay. Hess' roots are not in improvised music, but in industrial culture, the electronic avantgarde and electro-acoustic composition. He is also a member of post-industrial band Herpes Ö DeLuxe and the experimental doom-trio Sum Of R and has collaborated live with Sudden Infant, Maja Ratkje and others." (label info) Co-released with Public Guilt, comes in gatefold packaging including poster insert.
in stock | CH| 2009| HINTERZIMMER | 13.90

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