6 track 12" by Scratch Pet Land, Fan Club Orchestra & baleine 3000 member laurent Baudoux from Bruxelles. "My bare-skin Balearic brethren left stranded in a supermarket with personnel from the The Arrowhead Project and zealots reciting passages from the Second Epistle of Peter and the Revelation of St John, I beg you? do not despair. It may sound hackneyed and bland, but with Sun Papa you can expect the unexpected. We'll give you one clue : most things find their origin in some new synthetic plastic miracle. But rest assured, 'Brume' will offer you the club culture without the club and some avant-garde without the mental masturbation. It bears the unmistakable stigmata of that euphoric appeal that characterizes authentic fan appreciation, unburdened by pedantic clichés or stylistic references, probing ceaselessly for unexplored turns at an incredible speed. But you're right, she's gone, and I'm left, unabashed, laconic, and with plenty of tape delay. Am I dreaming or am I awake?" (label info)
in stock | BE| 2013| THIN CONSOLATION | 8.90

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