"In 1983 Sun Ra travelled to Egypt-the land of great African kings and perhaps descendants of an alien race, and therefore, a kind of spiritual homeland for Ra-to record two compositions by the godfather of Egyptian jazz, percussionist Salah Ragab. The second piece, "Dawn", is a composition based on an Islamic hymn sung during the Arabic month of "Shawall" and features Ra playing the Hohner melodica. This record is particularly significant because, despite Ra's enormous discography and tours to all corners of the globe, this is one of the few times he ever recorded with a non-African American musician. Perhaps Ra was intrigued by the fact that the two men shared the same initials? Or perhaps he was drawn to his exceptional talent as a percussionist... knowing Ra it was probably a little of both. Also includes "Watusa", recorded live at "Il Capo" Jazz club in Cairo in January 1984." (label info)
in stock | RU| 2010| VINYL LOVERS | 16.90

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