"Recorded in the 1960s with Marshall Allen featured on Jupiterian flute and Danny Thompson on Neptunian libflecto. The original LP was pressed in very small numbers at the end of the 60s, with purposely mislabeled details in the liner notes in typical fashion to Ra's output during that phase. The contents are believed to be from 1963-64, a period that produced some of the composers most revered works and an era when Ra relocated to New York from Chicago. What we do know about Continuation is that it's a mind bending look into the experimental side of Ra and all of the foundations of sound that he had invested himself towards in the 60s. Space exploration set to hyper extension mode, Ra was light years ahead of his contemporaries and he knew this more than anyone." (label info)
in stock | US| 2013| SATURN | 20.90

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