"2013 begins with a release of a very rare and adventurous presentation called Cosmo Earth Fantasy: Sub-Underground Series Vol 1 & 2, a collections of materials released over two volumes in the mid 70s on very small prints with the Saturn label. Like many other Ra titles, these albums appeared on various other labels under different titles, so this new pressing serves as the definitive version of all the material from the originals and reissues. To trace the heritage line of Ra releases has never been easy and this is one of the more confusing items in the Ra catalog. Live material compiled together with studio pieces creates a snap shot glimpse of the evolution of Sun Ra's style of jazz music from the early 60s into the mid 70s. The beginning stages of Ra's time in New York and the avant-garde movement that directly influenced Coltrane and others is felt on these releases along with the futuristic and prophetic mysticism Ra tapped into in the 70s. These are two of my favorite periods from the Arkestra, something I love about the contents presented on this new reissue as one." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NL| 2013| ART YARD | 17.90

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