"Our third volume of Sun Ra spoken word opens with a rare space story that I discovered on an unmarked five inch reel of tape. When I played the recording, I discovered an incredible story recited by an unknown artist, with Sun Ra going beyond the call of duty on keyboard. Included are two complete lengthy performances from this 1967 session.... The group recitation, 'The Outer Darkness,' is a reworking of the poem 'I Seek A Better World' originally recited by Ray Stubbs on the first volume... We close this interplanetary poetry series with an extended piece, 'The Cosmic Visitor,' incorporating 'This Is My Day,' The Scheme Of Words,' Black Holes In Space,' and 'A Better World,' performed live on-air on April 11, 1977 at radio station WXPN-FM... Sun Ra's poetic incantations are accompanied by percussive musical arrangements or by a deliberate organ soundtrack, working with the rhythm of his words." (Michael D. Anderson, Sun Ra Archive)
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